By Joe Benjamin

On Monday 22 May, I saw the horrific news of the terrorist bomb blast in Manchester, that killed many and wounded even more. Our thoughts and prayers are with all affected.
Sadly, there were also children innocently killed. A hard question to answer is, how on earth one barbaric person can do a thing like this? What is even a harder question to answer, for some people of faith or none is, WHERE WAS GOD IN MANCHESTER DURING THE BOMB ATTACK? Why didn’t He prevent it?

The key thing one needs to be clear of here is that, the terrorist attack was not caused by God. It was done by a heartless, Islamic extremist, that has a warped ideology and calls it religion. This shows us that the world needs a Saviour. If people can turn to Christ, then we would not have these evil things happening. God is caring and He is love; love does not kill or hurt (1 John 4:8). Man has been given free will to do what they wish and to make their own choices in life. God has great thoughts about us. He does not want to harm us (Jeremiah 29:11).

The presence of God in this world, or in your life does not guarantee the absence of trouble. It guarantees peace in the middle of trouble.

There is a story in the bible (Matthew 8), where Jesus was on a boat with His disciples. Then a big storm came and almost shipwrecked all on board. Jesus did not cause the storm. It was a natural disaster. However, Jesus was in the middle of it all. He was in the boat. This is why you need Jesus on your boat of life. People will ask where Jesus was and the answer is, He was there in the boat. He then spoke to the storm and peace was restored. It could have been worse.

Many times, as limited humans, we only look at the bad in any bad situation. Looking at the Manchester bombing, we are looking for more bad news and, many times, we miss the good. How do we know if this bomb could have killed more people and God prevented it? Many miracles happen to us and God remains anonymous. In this mayhem, many escaped by a whisker, for which we are thankful to God. God’s beauty in this ugly situation, is starting to come out now.

I read the story of Klicea-Nicole Richardson who is wheelchair bound. Shortly after the explosion, two mystery heroes came and carried her in her wheelchair, amid the stampede and took her outside to safety. I have read about two homeless men; Stephen Jones who help removed nails from children faces and Chris Parker who cradled a young girl that lost both legs. I read about taxi drivers, giving people free rides and hotels opening and people helping others. This is where God was, because God is love.

Never forget to look for the good, in the bad. Whatever difficulties you may be going through, look for the goodness of God in your situation. This is where God is! He was there all the time! He saved the situation, maybe it could have been worse.