There is No Room For Personal Attacks In The Christian Race

“Speak evil of no one, to avoid quarreling, to be gentle, and to show perfect courtesy toward all people”. (Titus 3:2)

This verse of scripture orders us not to say anything bad about anyone. Can you see how you can win this race, my friend? If you do not have anything nice to say about anybody, please take a seat and keep quiet. Why should somebody think that they have the right to name and shame someone publicly for their wrongs? These are the basics of Christianity, and there is no way these people can excel to doing the deep spiritual algebra, until they can do their ABC’s.

In the 1959 film titled ‘Ben Hur’, there was an aggressive nine men chariot race; but mainly between Messala and Judah Ben Hur, who were arch rivals. They all had four horses on their chariots. Messala, raced with four black horses, and a chariot that had blades on the hubs. Messala’s horses were called the “black devils” and Judah’s horses were white. He would use these blades to cut and cruelly shatter other chariots’ wheels, forcing the riders out of the race. It was pretty mean and cruel. In this swift chariot race, Messala is seen to even crack his horse whip on Judah.

The mistake that Messala made in this race was that he concentrated on personal attacks, hate, contempt and bullying tactics, instead of running his race. He thought that winning the race, was bullying others. He learnt his lesson: you cannot hate your way to winning, neither can you win your race by hitting others. Meanwhile, Judah kept his eyes fixed on the track, swerving and manoeuvering his chariot with skill and did not initiate an attack on Messala. His energy was spent on winning his race.

In no time, the tables were overturned. While Judah and Messala were going neck and neck, Messala took his eyes off the race track and lost control of his chariot, which violently overturned. He was thrown onto the race track, pulled through the dust and the oncoming horses almost trampled him to death. Judah Ben-Hur won the race victoriously.

Many times, in this Christian race, you will come across people like Messala. You can sometimes meet them online in the blogosphere and on social media (Christian cyber bullies)or even at your local place of worship. Yes, I said Christian! All they are interested in is insults, personal attacks, bullying and hate, in the name of religion.

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