Running Your Race


“Paul was mightily used of God, but he was also mightily tested by God. However, you can rejoice in James 1:3 which says that, the testing of your faith through these sorts of trials, produces patience. If you want orange juice, the orange has to go through some squeezing! If God wants the best of you and from you, you are squeezed by affliction and trials, but remember this is just training.”

In this book, Joe Benjamin gives you 8 keys that will help you win your race. He explains what the race is and reinforces that this is a grace race.
Among other things, you will learn:
– How to prepare for your next season
– How to identify self-righteous Christians
– How to deal with obstacles on the way
– Why you need to have a great support team
– How to run with a God given vision

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