INTERPRET Your Dream in 24 hours


Get the interpretation of your dream, nightmares, lucid dreams or visions. It will be a personalised interpretation of your dream prophetically in 24 hours. (150 words)
In this order, Joe Benjamin personally will:
  • give you a meaning, symbols and clarity
  • give prophetic dream interpretation
  • give prophetic vision interpretation
Why do you charge for DREAM INTERPRETATION?
The charge is not for interpretation. The charge is for the time to write it and the resources to get the work done. The Gospel is free, but the means to take it out cost something. Your payment is a gift to this ministry.
Is this confidential?
Yes 100% private and confidential. We won’t share your requests or prophecy with anyone.
How, when and where will I receive the interpretation?
It will be sent to the emailed you have provided within 24hours. It will be in written format (150 words).
Can I get an audio prophecy?
Yes you can order it from this website.
Who will give the interpretation?
Joe Benjamin will personally give it as God gives Him revelation.
How can I trust this?
Look at the reviews from strangers after getting a word from Joe Benjamin. Many people worldwide have been impacted by this ministry.