By Joe Benjamin

The currency that any successful transaction a leader can have with their followers is TRUST. Trust is your most vital asset as a leader. People will do anything to support you and your vision, no matter how crazy it is, when they can TRUST you.

When TRUST is lost, all is lost.

In the church ‘world’ every day on Facebook and Youtube and social media, we get breaking news and watch videos of scandals in ministry. Moral integrity is on the wane. Pastors and ministry leaders, seem to be getting more and more involved in public moral failures – thanks to social media instant exposition. I do accept that no-one is above temptation, even Jesus was tempted. It means we all need to stay humble, and stay in prayer.


It is because you are a man or woman of cloth, that people expect a high standard of example. People follow Pastors, so that they can show leadership and help them to also put their lives in order. This, in turn, puts a high demand on the leadership office. As a leader, one cannot live any kind of a life. You need to live a life that is at a high standard with your calling. If there are two people on a ladder, one at the very top and another closer to the ground, if the ladder falls, the one who falls the hardest is the one at the top. The higher in leadership you go, the harder you fall. This is why moral integrity is important.


A great philosopher once said: “Once is a mistake, twice is a coincidence and three times a pattern is established”. You know your ministry is about to die, when your lifestyle is that of repetitive sin and bad habits. If you get involved in a moral failure for the first time, do not learn quickly and repent sincerely, and continue doing it, with no conscience; you are getting ready to lose everything that you have built, the trust of your followers and your family.


If you are in a pattern of reproach, you need to break the cycle and be free. If not, it is just a matter of time; you will lose relevance and the trust of your followers and family. Once trust is lost, it may never be regained. God has given us power to walk in true overcoming power and victory.


In my next episode, I will be giving you some advice and points on how you can maintain and protect integrity in ministry. To get personalised leadership mentorship from Joe Benjamin, join the JBMP today.