By Joe Benjamin

Again, we woke up to the devastating news of another barbaric terrorist attack in London. This is just a few weeks after another attack in Manchester. Many have died and others badly wounded. My thoughts and prayers, are with all affected. I ask the rhetoric question, is there any hope that these senseless killings will ever end? Will anyone be ever immune and protected, from this carnage? What else can the security services do? It really seems, that the answer is, that there is hopelessness here.

Last week, I was counselling a lady, who kept telling me everything that was going bad in her life. How her finances had finished, her marriage was muddy and her health was horrible. For every negative issue that she told me, I found a positive word to counter her negative words. For every word filled with fear, I gave her an opposing word filled with faith. Where did I get all this encouragement? From the word of God, which carries all the hope we need. There are no words I could have given her from me, that would have uplifted her. The only word that brings comfort and hope is the word of God. (Psalms 62:5) This, is how hopelessness is given a fatal blow.

If we go into the dictionary definition of hope, it means expectation, wishes and optimism. However, in dictionary sense there is very little optimism or best wishes in light of these terror incidents. Even the prime minister, looked very hopeless and hapless as she spoke, and condemned these pointless actions.

The biblical definition of Hope, is different. Hope comes from the Lord. Here it is: “Those who forget God have no hope.” Job 8:11-13 (LB)

In order for the word HOPE, to be applicable in any life situation, God has to be involved! I have good news for you, there is hope in Christ alone. Christ in you is the Hope of glory! (Colossians 1:27). This is the only thing that is unchangeable and unmoving, in such turbulent times. Find Christ, find hope in a hopeless world!

What happens when hopelessness and Hope collide on the highway of life? HOPE WILL ALWAYS WIN!