Inspiring You to Find Your Position In Christ and Realise Your Maximum Potential In The Kingdom.


joe bengamin

Joe Benjamin

Visionary and CEO of JBM

Every now and then, God allows us to observe and hear some of his unique vessels that he has shaped from their youth. So it was with Joe, who was born as the fourth generation of preachers in his family lineage. Called and anointed at an early age to preach the gospel. Like Samuel of old, God called him at 10 years old. He received the gift of the Holy Ghost which leads him to operate in the gifts of healing and deliverance along with the prophetic call that is upon his life. He is the founder and leader of Eagle Mountain Church global, Host of a TV Show called THE BLESSING, he is a best selling author of books such as A Lifestyle of Prayer, Running Your Race etc.
Joe’s goal for ministry is to impact the kingdom of God by empowering the church globally. His passion is to help people find their place in the Body of Christ and maiximise their potential. He is married to lovely Josie and they have a daughter Jael Jovanna and son Joseph Jnr. iii. Joe and Josie Benjamin are internationally sought-after conference speakers and as global leaders, they are highly regarded for their vision, innovation and boldness.