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Joe Benjamin is an author, entrepreneur, creative consultant and business strategist/coach whose mission is to equip believers for marketplace leadership. 

Joe believes that the marketplace is the new arena of spiritual warfare and that God is positioning believers as leaders in this domain. 

He is the founder of Kingdom Entrepreneurs which is a platform for equipping creatives. He is the founder and leader of The Blessing Movement – a global ministry impacting many around the world. He is the executive producer and Host of an online TV Show called #TheBlessingZone. He is a best selling author of books such as The Blessing, Running Your Race etc. 

Joe Benjamin is the founder and senior tutor at The Online Ministry Academy. Benjamin has created an online school to help people that want to start or grow an online ministry. 

His passion is to help people find their place of blessing and maximise their potential to be a blessing to others.

He is married to lovely Josie and they have a daughter Jael Jovanna and son Joseph Jnr. iii. Joe and Josie Benjamin are internationally sought-after conference speakers and as global leaders, they are highly regarded for their vision, innovation and boldness.

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